BKIICT always plays instrumental role in delivering quality training and building capacity for Digtial Bangladesh. It maintains an online Training Management System (TMS) to manage training related activities. The TMS system provides facility to generate certificate after successful completion of a course. This certificate contains various course related information e.g. certificate ID, certificate issuing date, certificate expiration date, course title and so on. Whenever a candidate applies for a job, he/she needs to present  the training certificate to the employer/authority to prove his/her skillset in the specific field. But the employer/authority is unable to check the authenticity of the certificate immediately due to absence of proper online system. There can be some fraudulent practices in this case, such as, the certificate can be fake, or the certificate is manipulated by changing the original information. Here comes the necessity of Blockchain technology to eradicate/remove these problems.

BCC has established a private Blockchain platform for govt agencies. it will will enable govt agencies to utilize the platform to ensure security of critical data/info. This private DLS (Distributed Ledger System) system intended to provide service to govt agencies only. Because govt application/services can’t simply store, due to security concern, it's data/info on some public DLS cloud/platform. We are terming it as a platform as the same DLS infrastructure is being used by multiple services/ application systems to store it’s critical data/info. In this case, Whenever a new certificate is issued, the certificate information is stored in BCC blockchain. As blockchain works as immutable nature, so nobody can change the information for the certificate. After storing the certificate information in the blockchain, we can a transaction hash from blockchain. That transaction hash is converted to QR code and embedded on the certificate. Our blockchain validator app reads the QR code and retrieves the certification information from the NDA blockchain.

What is Blockchain Validator App?

Blockchain Validator App is a smart phone-based application software intended to prevent fraudulent practices or forgery related to assessment test/certificate/recruitment exam. Its purpose is to verify authenticity of certificate from BKIICT, admit card info issued from e-recruitment system. It's a very handy but powerful utility app for employer organization.  This app can be downloaded from this link .

Fig:  Blockhain Validator App

How does the app work?

Employer organization authority or student can download it for FREE from google play store. After launching the application, it will show a screen with scanner facility. Now scan the QR code embedded on the certificate. The app will communicate with BCC DLS platform and fetch admit card info stored  in the DLS platform.


So, employer organization authority will be able to identify whether any info in the certificate is manipulated or the certificate is a fake by scanning QR code. In order to make the system working, BKIICT Training Management Systems embeds a unique identifier (via QR code) in each valid certificate when it is issued. The unique identifier is in fact the DLS repository hash of the certificate. It helps to identify manipulation attempts with certificate in a foolproof way!