Web Applications Development with ASP.Net & MS SQL

Course Overview/Objective
  • Basic concept familiarization of MVC concept
  • Latest innovations on ASP.Net MVC
  • Industry standards of development in ASP.Net MVC
  • Participants will be trained on real life issues and latest tools
  • Training will be provided by experienced trainers with long industry experience
  • During the training, trainees will be given a real-life project work
  • Performance and learning activities for each of the trainees will be assessed throughout the program and  certificates will be provided at the end of the program
  • Science Graduate
  • Knowledge on Object Oriented Programming
Course Project
Used Tools
Visual Studio 2013 Resharper 8.0 MS SqlServer 2012 MS Sql Sever Management Studio for 2012 NUnit 2.6.2 etc
Course Outline

Session 1

  • Introduction to MVC Concepts
  • Preparing the environment
  • ASP.Net MVC overview
  • MVC Project structure
  • First Demo

Session 2

  • Understanding Controllers
  • Working with MVC conventions
  • Action Results
  • Custom Action Results for RSS
  • Writing testable codes in controller

 Session 3

  • Understanding Views
  • Using Razor Syntax
  • Partial Views
  • Using T9 templates for generating views based on entities
  • Using Helpers
  • Using Custom helpers

 Session 4

  • Difference between ASP .NET MVC & ASP .NET web forms routing
  • Understanding Actions over Events
  • Implementing different routes using ASP .NET MVC URL routing
  • Implementing forms authentication  using ASP .NET Membership Provider
  • Implementing roles
  • Adding role based authorization to the Actions

 Session 5

  •  Using EF Code First for Models
  • Basic CRUD Functionalities
  • Searching, Sorting, Filtering
  • Managing Child Entities
  • Understanding Repository Pattern
  • Validation data through model validation attributes

 Session 6

  • Using TDD
  • Wring testable codes
  • Using Mocks

 Session 7

  • Using jQuery
  • Implementing Ajax      
  • Sending  JSON to and from an Action
  • Writing Custom JsonResult Actions Class
  • Using CDN

 Session 8

  • Understanding Dependency Injection
  • Understanding ASP .NET MVC 3 Service Location