Professional Diploma in Game Development

Course Overview/Objective
  • To introduce the game industry before entering
  • To develop 2D & 3D game development using game engine
  • To manage version of a game using version control system
  • To create game asset using 2D & 3D asset creation tools
  • To discuss and define the terms & principles of game design
  • To enable trainee find bugs and fix them
  • To provide knowledge of monetization strategies & integrate common monetization strategies in game
  • To enable trainee to make their own game
  • To guide trainee about different career path through game development
  • To provide soft skill training to adapt with teamwork & improve communication skill
  • CSE/Science Graduate/O4 Years ICT Diploma/ Non Gradgate with 03 Years Related Experience
  • Object Oriented Programming Experience in Any OOP Language
Course Project
Used Tools
Unity, Maya, etc
Course Outline
  • Intro to Game Development & Unity
  • 2D Game Development with Unity
  • 3D Game Development with Unity
  • 3D Asset Creation with Blender
  • Game Design Basics
  • Game Testing
  • Game Monetization
  • Build Your Own Game
  • Career as Game Developer
  • Soft Skill