Web Site Design , Development and Outsourcing Techniques

Course Overview/Objective

Course Objectives

  • To enable understand the Basic Concept of Website Design  techniques/strategies.
  • To Develop small web-based applications including an HTML interface to  provide complete system functionality.
  • To employ Effectively  security protocols in developing web-based applications.
  • To Use appropriate methodology for design and development.
  • To achieve the ability to design & develop static web applications and Basic  Level of Computer Security Concepts.




Course Project
Used Tools
Note Pad++, netbeans etc
Course Outline

Course Outlines

Learning the Basics of Web Technology

  •  Idea about - Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development,  Outsourcing, Freelancing.
  •  Basic Ideas on - Domain, Hosting, IP, Server, NameServer, Programming Language,  Designing Language, Structured Query Language, Framework, CMS, IDE, cPanel,  Domain Control Panel, FTP Client, Local Server.
  •  Discuss on what we will be Learning in the Web Technology course and how Code  Concepts, Program Concepts Learning to Use the Tools of Web Programming.
  •  How to use IDEs (NotePad++, NetBeans, PHPStorm, PHPEdit)
  •  How to use Local Server Application (XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP),  How to use  FTP Clients (CoreFTP, FileZilla).
  •   Web Hosting, Web Securities Issues.


  • Practicing the Basics of HTML and HTML Pages.
  • Comments, Starting HTML Page, Head, Style, Script, Body.
  • Meta Tag, Meta Attributes, Keywords, Description, Author, Page Refresh,  Paragraph, Heading, Division, Section, Article, Header, Footer, Main, Aside,Span,  Cite, Address, Abbreviation, Details, Summary, Bold, Underline, Italic, Small, Strong,  Subscript, Superscript, Delete, Mark, Code, Block Quote, Quotation, Practicing,    Advanced HTML and Basic HTML5.
  • Font, Font Size, Font Color, Font Face, HTML Entities – Registered Trademark, Copyright, Euro, Space, Cent, Pound Symbol – Summation, Elements Of, Not Elements Of, Empty, Differential Sign URL Anchor, Mail Anchor, Call Anchor, Target, Navigation Tag, Purpose of Navigation Tag.
  • Image, Image Source, Alternate Attribute, Height and Width, Title.
  • Description List, Define Terms, Define Details, Ordered List, Unordered List, List Item Practicing More HTML5 and Designing Pages,  iFrame, iFrame Target, Sandbox Attribute, Load iFrame on Click, Audio, Video, Source, Media Type, Preload, Stream YouTube Video using iFrame.
  • Base URL, Bidirectional Override, Preformatted Text, Data List.
  • Level, Result, Access Key, Editable Attribute, Downloadable Product.
  • Table, Table Row, Table Data, Table Head, Table Body, Table Foot, Style Attribute, Border.
  • HTML Form, Input Types, Get and Post Method, Button Tag, Button Attributes, Designing Website Layout using HTML.


  • Practicing Basic CSS Codes.
  • How to and Where to CSS code, Comments in CSS, Converting Style Attribute to CSS ID Selector, Class Selector, Child Class, Grouping Selector, Multi Stylesheet, Link Stylesheet.
  • Background Image, Background Repeat, Background Position, Background Color  Padding, Margin, List, Font, Link, and Table using CSSCSS Combinators – Child Selector, Descendent Selector, Adjacent Selector; Target Selector.
  • Dimension, Media Screen, Responsive Design Cursor, Custom Font (from External and Internal Source).
  • Designing with Advanced CSS and Basic CSS3 Border in CSS, Box Shadow, Opacity,      Horizontal Alignment, Background Image Handling, White Space, Float, Clear Tag, Columns, Visibility, Animation, Animation Moves.
  • Table in CSS, Position in CSS An example Dropdown Menu using CSS, Outline,  Menu Example 1 and 2, CSS for Print Screen, Transform, Border-box.
  • Designing Button using CSS.
  • Designing more Advanced with CSS3 Designing Search Box and Text Fields using  CSS3.
  • Border Image, Background Image, Background Color.
  • Gradient, Text Shadow, Word Break.
  • Rotate, Rotate X, Rotate Y, Content Position, Counter.
  • Transform, Animation, Button in CSS3, Columns, Filter.
  • Designing Layout using CSS.

MODULE 4 – JavaScript

  • Basic JavaScript Writing JavaScript Code, Comments, Simple Variable, Variable   Types JS Operators, Simple Function, Parameter, Arguments, If Else Statement, Handling Multiple Condition, Conditional, Operators Get Element By ID, Get Element By Tag Name, Get Element By Class Switch Case, For Loop, EVAL Function Advanced JavaScript ParseInt, ParseFloat, ParseString, This Element Class and Object, Advanced Class and Object Handling String, Handling Number Handling Math, Handling Math  Handling Array Examples on JavaScript.

MODULE 5 – jQuery

  • jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library Basis Rules and Guidelines on jQuery; Show, Hide, Toggle Function; Change CSS using jQuery, Menu with Mouse-over and Mouse-out.
  • Focus and Blur on Text Field  Fade-in, Fade-out, Fade-Toggle Slide up, Slide-down, Menu using Toggle Get and Set Text/HTML using jQuery; jQuery Basics, the JavaScript Library  Example – Add and Remove Element Dynamically  Get Dimension using jQuery, Animation using jQuery Load File using jQuery, AJAX Page ,Loa using jQuery.

MODULE 6 – Photoshop/Illustrator

  •   Marquee, Lasso, Slice, Crop, Move Tools and their Practical Use.
  •   Brush, Pencil, Patch, Stamp, History Tools and their Use Eraser, Blur, Sharpen.
  •   Smudge, Dodge, Sponge, Burn Tool and their Use Gradient, Paint Bucket, Different    Shape Tools and their Uses.
  •   Selection and Pen Tool Eyedropper, Hand and Zoom Tool.
  •   Color, Swatches, Style Window and their Use.
  •   History Window and its Use Different Type of Brush and their Use.
  •   Image, Canvas, Pixel, Rotation, Trim, Revert etc Actions.
  •   Extract, Filter Gallery, Liquefy, Pattern Maker and their Use.
  •   Different type of Layer and their Use.
  •   Flash audio and video editing etc.