Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Course Overview/Objective
Course Objectives
  • To understand basic concept & structure of computer hardware & networking
  • To identify the existing configuration of the computers and peripherals
  • To upgrading same as and when required
  • To apply their knowledge about computer peripherals to identify / rectify problems onboard
  • To integrate the PCs into Local Area Network & re-install operating systems and various shipboard applications.
  • To perform routine maintenance, upgrades
  • To manage data backup & restore operations on server and update anti-virus software and set schedules

S.S.C / Equivalent

Completion of 3 Months IT Training Course

Course Project
Used Tools
Course Outline
  • PC De-assembly and Assembly,
  • Bus Architecture & Interfaces,
  • BIOS, Processor & Motherboard,
  • Operating Systems and Installation (Windows XP/7, Ubuntu), Partitioning & Formatting Hard Disk,
  • Laptop De-assembly and Assembly,
  • Installing adapters,
  • Computer Networking Fundamentals,
  • Networking Media & Hardware,
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Sharing file within LAN