PHP with Code Igniter Framework

Course Overview/Objective
  • Basic concept familiarization of CodeIgniter Framework
  • Industry standards of development in CodeIgniter Framework
  • Participants will be trained on real life issues and latest tools
  • Training will be provided by experienced trainers with long industry experience
  • During the training, trainees will be given a real-life project work
  • Performance and learning activities for each of the trainees will be assessed throughout the program and  certificates will be provided at the end of the program

Science Graduate,Knowledge on HTML,CSS and JavaScript & PHP

Course Project
Applied ASP.Net MVC Related Project
Used Tools
Visual Studio 2013 Resharper 8.0 MS SqlServer 2012 MS Sql Sever Management Studio for 2012 NUnit 2.6.2
Course Outline


HTML New Elements, Blocking Content on the Page, Making DOC Type Easier to Work With, Organizing Code Using Blocking Elements, Using the ARTICLE, DIALOG, FIGURE, MARK and PROGRESS Elements. Apply HTML to Make HTML Code Easier to Read, Working with HTML Forms.

Inserting the Cursor Automatically into a Specified Field, Making an INPUT Field Required, Adding the Placeholder Text. Controlling Data with HTML, Displaying Data in HTML, Storing Data Locally Using Web Storage, New HTML Attributes.

Basic CSS:

CSS Introduction, CSS Syntax, Padding, Border, Margin, Text, Font, Text, List, color, background.

Advanced CSS:

Classification, Positioning, Dimension, Media Types, Pseudo-class, Pseudo-elements.

PHP Basic, Operators & Statement:

  • About PHP & MySQL
  • Advantage of using PHP for web development
  • PHP Installation, PHP Syntax & PHP Variable
  • PHP Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • if (...else) statement
  • Switch statements

PHP Loop, Array, Functions, Get & Post Variable:

  •  Loop, For statement, Foreach statement, While statement, Do While statement,  Arrays,  PHP Functions
  • Get & Post Variable
  • Difference between PHP 4 & PHP 5

File Upload, Cookie, Session:

  •  Date, Include, File,  File Upload ,Cookies and Sessions

Exception & Database:

  • Error, Exception, About Database & Hierarchical Model
  • Specialization, Generalization & Aggregation
  • Data Normalization, Relationships

JavaScript Decisions, Loops, and Functions:

  • About JavaScript Program
  •  Data Types and Variables
  • Array, Date, Math, and Type-Related Objects
  • Decision Making—the if and switch Statements
  • Looping—the for and while Statements
  • Functions

Fundamental Client-Side JavaScript Event Handling, Form Handling, Dynamic Effects:

  •  JavaScript Object Models
  • The Standard Document Object Model
  • Event Handling
  • Controlling Windows and Frames
  • Handling Documents
  • Form Handling
  • Dynamic Effects: Rollovers, Positioning, and Animation

PHP Framework:

  • Advantage of using Framework
  • Introducing PHP Framework (CodeIgniter)
  • Lecture on PHP Framework with Example

MVC Pattern & Advanced Framework Templating:

  • Understanding MVC Model
  • Create Function In Controller Class
  • Understanding Framework Templating

Client Side & Server Side Validation:

  • Implement JavaScript Client side validation
  • Implement Server side Validation

Advanced Database with Session:

  • Active Record Class, Selecting Data, Method Chaining

Session & Email system:

  • Session, Email system

DB Normalization & Query:

  • Active Record Class:
  • Deleting Data, Updating Data, Database Normalization

DB Normalization & Query:

  • Database relationship, Database Model Description

Advanced PHP Framework:

  • Basic database design concept
  • Methods & Classes, Cookie

File Upload & Emailing:

  • Understanding File Upload Class
  • Understanding CodeIgniter Email Class

TinyMce Editor & Searching:

  • TinyMce Editor in CodeIgniter Framework
  • Understanding database Searching

CI Framework Reporting:

  •  Implementing PieChart
  • Implementing VarticalBarChart

SSL and Online Payment Method:

  • Secure path SSL, PayPal Standard,

Ajax Basics:

  •  HTTP Request and Response Fundamentals
  •  The XMLHttpRequest Object
  •  XMLHttpRequest Methods
  •   XMLHttpRequest Properties
  •  Cross-Browser Usage
  •  Sending a Request to the Server
  •  Basic Ajax Example

Ajax with server side scripting language:

  • Bringing in the Ajax: GET vs. POST
  • Passing Values, Client-Driven Communication, Server-Side Processing, Expanding and Contracting Content, Auto-Complete, Form Validation

jQuery Basics with Example & Selectors:

  • About jQuery, How jQuery Works, jQuery: The Basics, Launching Code and Complete Examples
  • Using selectors and events, Selectors
  • Basics & Hierarchy
  • Basic, Content, Visibility, Attribute & Child Filters
  • Forms & Form Filters

Building a Shopping Cart – Day One:

  • Displaying the Home Page
  • Retrieving the Main Featured Product
  • Retrieving Random Products for the Sidebar
  • Using the New Model Functions on the Home Page
  • Creating the Home Page View
  •  Displaying Product Categories
  • Creating New Model Functions
  • Building out the cat() Controller Function

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Two:

  • Creating the Category View
  • Displaying Product Details
  • Updating the Products Model
  • Building the product() Controller Function
  • Creating the Product View
  • Displaying Search Results

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Three:

  • Adding Products to a Shopping Cart
  • Adding the View Cart Link to the Navigation
  • Displaying the Shopping Cart to the User
  • Adding a Delete Function to the Shopping Cart

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Four:

  • Uploading the Logo
  • Updating the CSS
  • Fixing the Header
  • Fixing the Side Navigation
  •  Placing the Add to Cart Links
  • Cleaning up Thumbnail and Text Positioning

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Five:

  • Using Folders to Organize Controllers
  • Creating the Login Mechanism
  • Creating the Home Page of the Admin Panel

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Six:

  • Creating the Category Management Tools
  • Creating the Product Management Tools
  • Creating the User Management Tools

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Seven:

  • Creating an Export Function for Categories
  • Creating an Export Function for Products
  • Importing a CSV Import Library for Products

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Eight:

  • Creating a Page Manager
  • Creating the Admin/Pages Controller
  • Creating the Administrative Views
  • Choosing and Integrating a WYSIWYG Editor
  • Updating the Welcome Controller

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Nine:

  • Creating a Newsletter Tool
  • Creating the Database Table and Model
  • Adding a subscribe() Function
  • Creating the Form
  • Creating Administrative Screens

Building a Shopping Cart – Day Ten:

  • Security, Filtering User Input, Encrypting Sessions
  • Additional Security Resources, Performance

Benchmarking, Detecting JavaScript and Cookie Compatibility